Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hispanic TV viewers helped with transition by Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable Launches Campaign to Help Hispanic Viewers TV Transition
By Nathesh TMCnet Contributing Editor

Time Warner (News - Alert) Cable, in order to help its Hispanic customers has launched the 'Enterate Y Conectate/Get Informed, Stay Connected' educational campaign to help them with valuable info about the DTV transition. The company hopes to prepare them for the DTV change as after midnight on February 17, 2009 all analog transmissions will be converted to digital as per federal law.

Time Warner Cable delivers advanced products and services such as digital cable, video on demand, high-definition television, digital video recorders, high-speed data and digital phone.

"We know there's a lot of information on DTV and it can be overwhelming. At Time Warner Cable, we want to provide straight answers to consumers' questions to help make the process easier to understand," commented Stephen Pagano, Executive Vice President for Time Warner Cable West Region. "The DTV transition will affect everyone and we realize that there are many households still unclear about the digital transition. Our campaign will help prepare the community and help them make an informed decision that will benefit their families."

The company says that this initiative is a response to recent surveys that revealed that ethnic groups are at more risk especially African Americans and Hispanic Americans for service disruption after the DTV disruption deadline. The campaign will also feature a series of public service announcements featuring African-American and Hispanic legislators to inform people in those demographics. Time Warner for the next two months will provide free, bilingual community forums at various Dearden's locations throughout Southern California.

Time Warner has also brought in the services of Jose Ulloa, the "Latino Cyberguy," to become an Ambassador in support of the campaign. He will play a key part with other experts who will educate people about the DTV transition and the impacts it will have on households. Consumers will have an opportunity to learn about the options and steps to take to continue enjoying their favorite programs and channels.

Though many local customers of the Time Warner Cable LA Region are DTV Ready as long as their TVs are connected to the service, they are not ready for the digital switch. The Time Warner Cable "Enterate y Conectate/Get Informed, Stay Connected" campaign is ready to address all the concerns and provide the right information to help consumers make the best decision as they prepare for the DTV transition.

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