Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Latino film group plans conference with HBO

NALIP 10: A Decade of Influence: The National Association of Latino Independent Producers Celebrates Its Tenth Anniversary and Examines the Past, Present and Future of Latinos in Film

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- The National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) today announced its Tenth Annual NALIP Conference, co-chaired by Columbia University professor/ filmmaker Frances Negron-Muntaner, producer/ executive David Ortiz (WANTED, HELLBOY 2), and writer/producer Ligiah Villalobos (LA MISMA LUNA). The Conference, presented by HBO and the National Latino Media Council, will be held April 17 - 19 in Newport Beach, California. Online registration is available now at

NALIP was founded in 1999 to address the vital need for equitable Latino representation across all entertainment mediums. Although 16% of the population, Latinos continue to make up less than 3% of movie and television roles. In Hollywood and network television, Latinos also comprise less than 1% of executives. "The impact of this state of affairs is significant," says co- chair and NALIP co-founder Frances Negron-Muntaner. "The fact that there are so few Latinos involved in the media industry and so few Latino stories are told, seriously distorts what the United States is about and deprives us all of an entire population's creativity."

Over the past ten years of work to bring on change, NALIP has become the premiere resource for Latinos in the entertainment industry. In addition to being an essential career and networking tool for the Latino community, NALIP is a trend forecaster. NALIP provides members and non-members alike an opportunity to learn about funding directions, and to discuss new models of production and distribution in a rapidly changing digital environment. As the main media organization for the United States' largest minority group, whose members also have ties to other entertainment capitals like Mexico City, NALIP serves as a hub for the development of untold stories and fresh approaches to media production, both locally and globally.

"As a NALIP supporter since the beginning and throughout its evolution, HBO is proud of the role it's played in helping to advance Latinos within the creative community," said Lucinda Martinez Desir, vice president, Acquisition & Multicultural Marketing. "And as an entertainment company, the ability to share our resources and visions in such a dynamic forum as NALIP continues to be a great honor."

NALIP 10: A Decade of Influence will bring together the best in Latino entertainment to both spotlight the remarkable growth of Latinos in cinema over the past decade, as well as create new opportunities that increase the presence of Latinos in entertainment.

"Filmmakers know how invaluable it is to interact with industry leaders and innovators - the networks, the distribution companies, fellow creators," says NALIP Executive Director Kathryn Galan. "We know what makes a good Conference: we make it the place where our industry comes together to network, figure out where our profession is headed, and how we can continue to produce and distribute content that sells."

The Conference will include the second Latino edition of Backstage's Actorfest, the fifth annual Latino Media Market, a feature film sneak preview, three days of idea-to-screen case studies, workshops and plenaries on film, television and documentaries. Esteemed filmmakers such as writer/director Alex Rivera, documentary producers Marco Williams and Phillip Rodriguez, directors Luis Valdez and Alfredo deVilla, and summer blockbuster GI JOE's Marlon Wayans will also discuss and analyze thought-provoking case studies, with panels on a wide range of topics, including comedy, new models of digital distribution, internet content creation, and producing a Latino television pilot. Executives from HBO, Universal, SAG, MTV Networks, Warner Bros., CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, PBS and many others are scheduled to attend and participate. They will participate in seminars, plenaries and a Fast Track Latino Project Pitch forum on the concluding morning.

"The NALIP Conference is a dynamic event for content producers at all stages of their career," states co-chair David Ortiz. "Advanced film makers have the opportunity to teach while novice film makers receive the mentoring opportunity of a lifetime. Having spent the past three years at NBC Universal looking for talented Latino filmmakers, I can tell you, there is no other program or resource in town that offers this to their members."

Further elevating the Tenth Anniversary, NALIP will recognize three media luminaries for their exemplary contribution to the entertainment industry in the following categories: Pioneer Achievement for Advocacy, actor/activist Ray Andrade ("Chico and the Man"), Outstanding Achievement Award, Kenny Ortega, (Director, HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3: SENIOR YEAR) and Pioneer Achievement for Filmmaking, Raphael Montanez Ortiz ("Destructivism: A Manifesto"). HBO and HBO Latino(R) will receive a special Award that recognizes the company's commitment to diversity and their support of the Latino media field. For a list of speakers, panels and keynotes please visit

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