Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hispanic moms and daughters buy Barbies

Barbie's BFFs are Hispanic Moms & Daughters?
Rob March 4, 2009

With Barbie turning 50 -- and sales on the decline -- a new study says Hispanic moms and daughters are emerging as the brand's most promising customer-base.

However, there is significantly more enthusiasm among Hispanic mothers from Spanish-speaking households versus those from English-predominant households, according to the study by Knowledge Networks.

The study -- which covered both Mattel-owned Barbie and the competing Bratz dolls from MGA Entertainment -- shows that ownership of both doll brands is higher in Hispanic households. Seventy-seven percent of Hispanic mothers living at home with daughters aged 17 or younger report that their families own a Barbie doll, compared to 65 percent in the general population. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

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