Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Latino Independent Producers Conference

More Latino faces needed in film and TV?
LA Times

On a breezy afternoon in Newport Beach, hundreds of Latino filmmakers descended upon the swanky Island Hotel to celebrate "A Decade of Influence" at the National Assn. of Latino Independent Producers' 10th annual conference.

Conversations varied, but participants agreed on one thing: Despite a noticeable improvement in Latino films and roles, there is much work left to do, reports the L.A. Times' Alicia Lozano.

"There are a lot of victories, a lot of solid successes," said Kathryn Galan, executive director of the association. She pointed to television shows such as "Ugly Betty," "The George Lopez Show" and "Resurrection Blvd." as triumphs in the industry, but lamented that many other segments of the film and television industry don't represent the 15% of the population that calls itself Latino.

"The inside thinks 'Three Amigos' is a diversity effort," Galan said. "Nothing reflects the voice of U.S.-born, English-speaking American Latinos."

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