Saturday, May 23, 2009

Latina makes U.S. Naval Academy look good

U.S. Navy has a hit with Latina at the ad helm
Press Release

The United States Naval Academy (USNA) has hired a woman and a Latina to produce a recruitment campaign aimed at attracting women and minorities. Her name is Deborah Franco and she has developed what is being touted as the most successful campaign the USNA has ever had!

Deborah is a member of the Director’s Guild Association, which makes her a big rarity as a director and female, which claims only 20 percent female directors. But as a female and Latina, she is only one of 2 percent of all directors who are members of the DGA.

Deborah has written and created a 7 series graphic novel "Bravo Zulu" for the United States Naval Academy as part of the "Fulfill Your Destiny" Campaign intended to increase women and minority applicants. Last week the USNA released the first in the series of "Bravo Zulu".

Deborah’s previous work included 30 and 60-second spot commercials that have run with much success on network television.

“I find it interesting how creative people in Hollywood are diversifying themselves with creative projects and I also find it super interesting that the United States Naval Academy hired me, a Latina female writer/director, to get the job done,” says Deborah Franco.

This campaign has been the most successful in attracting new applicants for the USNA to date! Since the campaign's roll out, there has been the highest number of minority applications ever: 4,384, an increase of almost 50 percent over last year.

"Fulfill Your Destiny" campaign was created by Deborah and, in addition to the commercials, promotional videos and now graphic novels, she is planning to role out a few more "Hollywood-esque" ideas for the campaign.

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