Saturday, May 23, 2009

Latinos offered digital package by Time Warner

Time Warner Cable Launches Latino-Targeted Digital Video Package
“El Paquetazo” features mix of English and Spanish-language channels
By David Tanklefsky, Broadcast News Room

Time Warner cable of New York launched El Paquetazo, a digital video package designed to appeal to a wide audience of New York City's Latino residents, on Wednesday.

The package combines more than 40 Spanish-language channels with more than 80 English-language networks for $35 a month. El Paquetazo also includes 18 high-def channels in the sports, news and music genres.

"All New Yorkers bridge many worlds," said Jeffrey Hirsch, Time Warner Cable's regional president of residential services. "This new programming option reflects the bi-cultural landscape of which so many Americans are a part."

The package offers more than two dozen broadcast channels like WCBS, WNBC and WABC, as well as Spanish-language news channels WXTV Univision and WNJU Telemundo. In the sports tier, ESPN News and Fox Soccer channel are also part of the package alongside ESPN Deportes and Fox Sports Espanol. El Paquetazo also offers some religious, educational, young adult, music and movie channels.

"For almost one-third of our residents, Spanish is spoken fluently," Hirsch said. "We understand these households want programming that reflects their lives-a mix of Spanish and English."

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