Thursday, June 4, 2009

Latina creates graphic novel series for Navy

Hollywood Writer & Director, Deborah Franco
Creates Innovative Graphic Novel Series for the
U.S Naval Academy

HOLLYWOOD - At a press conference in Annapolis, MD on Thursday May 7, 2009, the United States Naval Academy introduced a new element to the ongoing and successful “Fulfill Your Destiny” campaign; their first graphic novel ever to be part of a series, entitled “Bravo Zulu,” created to educate and inspire young people around the country about the opportunities at the Academy and the Navy. This is the second marketing tool within the “Fulfill Your Destiny” campaign created and written by writer and director Deborah Franco for the U.S. Naval Academy. Franco wrote and directed the hugely successful 30- and 60-sec spots that aired last fall on network television and which has since helped significantly increase minority and female applicants. The planned “Bravo Zulu” series will include 7 installments and will be distributed for free in many different high schools to help attract new applicants beginning in June 2009. Bravo Zulu follows the fantastical and historical adventure of 5 midshipmen as they interact with Navy heroes from the past and future. The series also explores the depth and breadth of the career opportunities of those serving our country.

Franco states, “Creating the graphic novel was an exciting and unique endeavor. Mostly because it gave me an opportunity to make American history adventurous and relevant for young people while educating them about the incredible opportunities at the Naval Academy. The ‘Fulfill Your Destiny’ campaign has been a rewarding opportunity for me to work in partnership with senior leadership at the United States Naval Academy.” Franco adds, “It’s great to know that the increase in minority and female applicants over the past 6-8 months since the spots have been airing has been tremendous. My goal is to create the kind of branding/informational tools that will continue to attract the best young people in our country to the Naval Academy to become dynamic leaders. I am in awe of the men and women in uniform that I have had the privilege of meeting. Their passion, dedication, and commitment to serving our country has inspired me to capture their stories in a compelling fashion.”

Deborah Franco created the “Fulfill Your Destiny” campaign for the U.S. Naval Academy in 2008.

It involves a three-year rebranding roll-out aimed to develop a modern and relevant marketing campaign to increase enrollment and awareness for the USNA. In conjunction with the graphic novel series, other components include: promotional videos and commercial spots airing on national TV, an 18-min film for the Naval Academy visitor’s center, and the development of a variety of other related projects.

Bravo Zulu is a naval signal meaning “Well Done” and is used frequently in speeches and writing pertaining to the U.S. Navy. It actually comes from an international naval signal code adopted after the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was created in 1949. Franco found it the perfect title and inspiration for the graphic novel series.

Deborah Franco is recognized as an accomplished writer and director throughout the entertainment industry. Former president of Disney Studios Rich Frank stated that “Deborah represents one of the great new young female voices in the business and she shows that in both writing and directing.”

In 2008 she co-founded Destiny Entertainment as an opportunity to create innovative cross-platform multi-media content. As a member of the DGA, Franco is one the very few female directors creating and directing projects in and out of Hollywood. Franco’s passion to tell a compelling story while authentically capturing the diverse American landscape has motivated her to write a myriad of television and feature projects as well. As a recognized “Latina” in the industry, Franco is asked to speak on many panels and conferences and has been featured in many publications including the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times.

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