Sunday, June 7, 2009

Latino albums top charts

Wisin Y Yandel Start A Revolucion
Grammy-winning duo have highest Latin chart debut in two years with new album.
By Lisa Gonzalez,, Jun 3 2009

Wisin y Yandel set the lofty goal of revolutionizing Latin music with their groundbreaking new album — and they did just that when their aptly titled La Revolución sold over 35,000 copies in its first week, garnering the #1 spot on the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart and #7 on the Top 200, the highest debut of a Latin album in two years.

Sales for the much-hyped CD were no doubt buoyed by the duo's music video for the single "Mujeres en el Club," featuring 50 Cent.

The reggaetón giants also supported the release with in-store record signings held in Los Angeles, New York and Puerto Rico. Thousands of screaming fans waited in line for hours for a chance to meet their idols and get a signed copy of their new CD. For many female fans, professing their undying love and proposing marriage seemed the top priority.

"We're super happy to see the fan reaction," Yandel told MTV News at the L.A. signing. "Thousands have come out just to buy our CD and to meet us. It's really incredible what's happening here."

"We're dedicated," one female fan said. "We'll be here rain, shine, whatever — ditch work, school. Anywhere in the U.S., we'll be there."

"I'm a big Wisin y Yandel fan because they represent Latinos all over the world," a male fan added. "And they've been putting it down for a long time, putting out nothing but hot CDs."

"I'm a Wisin y Yandel fan 'cause I love their music," another fan said. "They came out with one club banger and just kept it going. If you're not, a fan go out and get the CD. Trust me, they will keep you entertained."

Wisin y Yandel credit the fans for their massive success — especially their large Latino fanbase for their unwavering support throughout their 10-year career.

"The most important thing to us is our fans," Wisin said. "All the Latino fans who have followed us and supported us throughout our career. Definitely in places like L.A., Mexico and also people in the Bronx, Puerto Rico and Dominicans. There are so many Latinos who support our music. We want to say thanks for all the love and support you've shown us over the years."

And the Grammy-winning duo will be thanking all their fans personally when they hit the road in September for a 15-city U.S. tour. While they've previously sold out New York's Madison Square Garden and Los Angeles' Staples Center, this marks the first time they'll embark on a coast-to-coast North American tour.

"This is just the beginning of La Revolución," said Wisin. "We'll be visiting cities everywhere to meet all our fans. You'll be hearing a lot more from us this year. So to all the fans out there and to our MTV family, thanks. We love you guys."

Tickets for the La Revolución tour go on sale June 5.

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