Monday, July 27, 2009

Fox News Hispanics have sold out

CNN's Sanchez: Fox News Hispanics have 'sold out'
American Thinker, July 26, 2009

Did you know there's no such thing as a "black conservative?" According to liberals, if you are black and don't support their identity politics, you aren't really "black."

We're used to hearing this kind of wildly hypocritical nonsense from "tolerant" liberals. It gives them permission to show their true, racist colors while keeping blacks and other minorities dependent on them for government goodies.

CNN's Rick Sanchez has now brought a similar mindset to Hispanics as Allahpundit of Hot Air explains:

Via ICN, this isn't the first time he's spectacularly demagogued Fox. Your official progressive "national conversation on race" tweet of the day:

do u know how much money i'd make if i'd sold out as hispanic and worked at fox news, r u kidding, one problem, looking in mirror

Mind you, this is a guy who evidently has no problem looking in the mirror right now despite (a) having a hit-and-run DUI on his record and (b) sharing a network with Lou Dobbs, whom many amnesty shills would say is the most passionately anti-illegal-immigration - and therefore, per lefty racial politics, "anti-Hispanic" - newsman on American television. Or have I misunderstood him and this isn't about Fox's immigration coverage at all but rather a highly nuanced point that "authentic" Hispanics must be liberals and therefore any Hispanic on the conservative news network is ipso facto a sellout?

Julia Banderas of Fox News supplied the coup de main:

As a wise Latina woman, I have no comment other than to say if I were Rick Sanchez, I wouldn't look in the mirror, period.

As the Fox PR departmen t made clear, they wouldn't have him anyway.

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