Friday, July 17, 2009

Hispanic ethnic slur spurs radio djs supension

Hispanic leaders not satisfied with two-week suspension for KLBJ-AM talk show hosts
Ethnic slur to describe illegal immigrants used many times during Tuesday's morning show.
By Juan Castillo, AMERICAN-STATESMAN, July 16, 2009

A group of Hispanic leaders told KLBJ-AM management today they are not satisfied with the suspensions of talk show hosts Don Pryor and Todd Jefferies in the wake of the repeated use of an ethnic slur to describe illegal immigrants during their Tuesday morning show, a spokesman for the group said.

Paul Saldaña, a consultant, said he and other group members, including former Texas Sen. Gonzalo Barrientos. former Austin Mayor Gus Garcia and U.S. Hispanic Contractors Association chairman Frank Fuentes, asked the station to take further action. Saldaña would not disclose what they want the station to do.

The Hispanic leaders met this morning with Scott Gillmore, vice president and market manager for Emmis Austin Radio, which owns the station, and KLBJ-AM program director Mark Caesar.

"We understand an apology is not sufficient. We've obviously taken some action ... and we are looking to see what else we can do in responding to the community," said Gillmore, calling the meeting very productive.

On Wednesday, calling the comments on The Todd and Don Show highly offensive, Gillmore announced that Pryor and Jefferies had been suspended for two weeks without pay, effective immediately. Gillmore initiated Thursday's meeting with Hispanic leaders, Fuentes said Wednesday.; 445-3635


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