Sunday, July 26, 2009

Latin Dance Company Launched

Latin Dance Company Productions
Salsa Instructors, Performers, Event Production

Dance Coach: Christine Almeida's dance career began as a ballroom dance teacher at the largest Dance Studio in Metropolitan Chicago. She returned to dance after a hiatus from professional dancing when she rediscovered "Salsa". As a Salsa coach, and choreographer, Christine's unique approach makes her a leading instructor. She teaches as a lead and follow simultaneously, and this has helps her to analyze and troubleshoot a student's technique. She teaches hundreds of turn combinations and her method of teaching entire routines helps the student retain what they have learned. "You may not remember the entire routine, but you have enough moves to look knowledgeable on the dance floor." Christine says.

Christine was recognized as the authentic "Salsa Goddess" in Milwaukee Magazine's Publication. Journalists Perry Lemek's article "Some Like It Hot", read, "Make no mistake; Almeida is Milwaukee's authentic Salsa Goddess- fiercely proud of her heritage and profoundly well versed in the history of her cherished avocation."

Dance Promoter: She is recognized as one of the city's leading Salsa event promoters. Christine together with a recommendation from Latino Arts, introduced her salsa dance team to the performing arts and has since produced programing for prestigious venues like The Marcus Center for the Performing Arts, The Calatrava at the Milwaukee Art Museum and Danceworks, Inc., and more.

As a teacher she saw the need for new salsa dancers to integrate into the Salsa community in a friendly and unthreating environment, and she signed on as organizer for Milwaukee's cyber Salsa club, the "Milwaukee Baile Salsa Social Club. This is a convenient way for people who share their passion for Salsa dancing to come together and socialize. She holds Salsa socials at different locations throughout the year.

Producer: Christine has collaborated with several artists as diverse as International music companies, recording artists, and popular salsa orchestras to produce events, workshops and programing. Her projects include programing for television, the stage, and radio and special events. This past year she co-produced a half hour documentary, together with April Lynch, for public television featuring some of the city's popular Salsa dancers. She has brought several world class Salsa Dance "Celebrities" to Milwaukee and produced workshops and boot camps for the enjoyment of the Milwaukee Dance scene. She has contracted to produce a stage production entitled "Isla y Tierra" for the Waukesha Civic Theater scheduled for the month of April in 2010.

Entertainer: As a vocalists Christine has the support of some of the cities most respected musicians. Her soothing vocal style adapts to an eclectic mix of jazz, Latin, country and pop standards. As an American singer with Hispanic roots, she will often surprise audiences by transitioning popular standards from English into Spanish. Her audience seems to understand the message of the song even when performing for an English speaking audience.

Christine, together with headliner Frankie Sabath with whom she often performs, has appeared as a duo on Milwaukee's Channel six's Fox Six New's St. Valentines Day program, on Azteca Television, and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Banquet. She has also performed with Latino and American groups at Tomasinos Bistro in West Allis, The Baby Grand in Wauwatosa, Seven Seas in Delafield, Cubanita's, and Hemingway's in Milwaukee.

Columnist/writer: Christine was the first to have a weekly column " Christine's Chronicles" that appeared in Wisconsin's largest Circulating bilingual news publication, El Conquistador. She profiled Milwaukee's most interesting and influential personalities and celebrities. She is still a staff writer and contributes articles of interest.

Entrepreneur: Christine's involvement with the Latin entertainment industry has led to the development of Latin Dance Company Productions, Inc. This company moves events through all stages of development from concept, production, talent procurement, and promotion.

Voice over and screen talent - As a script writer and voice over talent for television and the radio media, she has produced commercials, for National accounts. She is currently teaching Salsa, Bachata, and Mambo "on Two" at the Cafe el Sol, located within the United Community Center at 1028 S. 9th street in Milwaukee and at the Wherehouse Dance club at 818 Water Street, also in Milwaukee.
Her current project is the development of a "mini" Congresso, where her Latin Dance Company Productions will organize Club Style Dance Workshops that will run all day from 11:00 in the morning, in conjunction with the "Origins of Salsa" event marking the Wherehouse's first year Anniversary. She will personally teach some of the workshops but, is bringing in several popular Salsa personalities to work with her.
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  1. Well,

    Learning salsa is now more convenient and enjoyable than ever. You can easily learn the basic steps of salsa in the convenience of your own home - all in just a few clicks away. In addition, you can dictate your own learning pace, if you want it to be fast or slow, depending on your own preference of learning. There are lots of ways to learn; surely you will find the best method for your needs.

  2. Looks good on paper, but in reality, videos are not a good way to learn. If that were true, we would not have dance instructors. An untrained dancer can mimic the steps that they see, but they will never be fun or easy to dance with and certainly not pleasant to watch. You need to learn technique, or the result will be a crude dancer. Videos have their place to learn new combinations AFTER you have learned how to dance.