Thursday, July 9, 2009

Latino version of American Idol coming soon

A Latino Version of American Idol

All I have to say is, “About time!” Although to think of it…David Archuleta has won, and a bunch of Latino talent have participated on the show—the original American Idol, but having a culture-grown version is of course welcomed, so am happy about the fact it’s going to be broadcast in Mexico. El Sol de Cuautla reports:

“En efecto, a partir del 9 de septiembre próximo, Azteca 7 abrirá su programación nocturna a la cuarta temporada del reality show musical Latin American Idol, una producción de FremantleMedia y Sony Entertainment Television, en la búsqueda por el nuevo ídolo pop de Latinoamérica.”

Good for Mexican television viewers. Apparently other countries in Latin America, such as Chile are already with the program!

Yeah! Sony is no doubt trying to get more talent for its Latino sister label!

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