Saturday, October 17, 2009

"Latino in America" will not air anti-Dobbs ad

CNN Will Not Air Anti-Dobbs Ad During 'Latino in America'
By Kevin Allocca, MEDIA BISTRO, Oct 15, 2009

Though there were reports today that CNN would air the "Drop Dobbs" anti-Lou Dobbs ad (below) during the "Latino in America" series next week, CNN says it will not be running it.

The Chicago Tribune's Swamp reports, "Media Matters says it has partnered with America's Voice, with the help of 'thousands of grassroots activists'' who responded to fundraising for the anti-Dobbs ad campaign, to air its ad Oct. 21 and 22 during the cable network's heavily promoted Latino in America series." And America's Voice has a post up titled "Dobbs Ad to Air on CNN: Thank You for Your Generous Donations!"

But a CNN spokesperson tells us, "Contrary to reports, CNN has not accepted these spots and they will not air on the network."

CNN refused another ad this past August.

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