Thursday, October 29, 2009

SAP use among Latinos revealed

Screen Actors Guild Releases New Report Detailing Use of SAP by Spanish-Speaking Television Audiences
The Latino Journal E-News Weekly, Vol. 2, Issue 3

(October 28, 2009) – More Hispanics would watch English-language programming dubbed into Spanish if more were available and easier to find, according to the 2009 Hispanic Consumer Survey on SAP commissioned by Screen Actors Guild, which reveals the viewing habits of Spanish-speaking audiences in the United States and the use of Secondary Audio Programming (SAP).

According to the survey results:
•80% of the respondents had used SAP (59% within the past week and another 15% within the past month)
•88% would watch more SAP enhanced programs if they were easier to find
•82% are watching an individual show more often if it is in SAP •69% say they can better understand the story when it is via SAP •64% would watch more English-language TV if more TV shows offered SAP
•48% watch shows, that they normally would not watch, because they offer SAP
•91% of the 2008-2009 network primetime shows that offered SAP were renewed for the 2009-2010 season.

“This report shows that there are Spanish-speaking consumers eager to watch English-language programs if they are dubbed with Spanish audio,” said Carlina Rodriguez, SAG’s Director of Spanish Language Organizing. “At a time when Spanish Language television networks dominate the ratings, the U.S. English language networks and advertisers may be missing out on a lucrative opportunity to expand their audience nationwide.”

When respondents were asked which network primetime shows they had watched in the past three months via SAP, the top five results were as follows:
•35% The Simpsons (FOX)
•23% Ugly Betty (ABC) *
•22% CSI Miami (CBS) *
•16% Desperate Housewives (ABC) *
•16% Dancing with the Stars (ABC)

Three of the top five shows on primetime TV available via SAP are dubbed by Screen Actors Guild members.

The Nielsen Company estimates a 2.3% increase of Hispanic TV homes this season, making the Hispanic television audience in the U.S. approximately 44.3 million. This is faster growth than the total U.S. television audience or any other major ethnic market. The report also highlighted some hurdles that must be overcome. For example, very little marketing has ever been done to promote SAP and when there has been, the promotion is in English neglecting the Spanish-speaking audiences.

The 2009 Hispanic Consumer Survey on SAP was conducted by the Latino Print Network, which surveyed 633 readers from 39 Spanish language newspapers in 17 markets around the U.S. who are considered Spanish-dominate and Spanish-preferred readers; the respondents have an average household of 4.1.

“The main purpose of this study is to raise the awareness of this growing market and to promote our qualified dubbing SAG members who are ready to do this work in the United States,” said Hernán de Béky, chair of SAG’s National Spanish Language Media Task Force.

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