Thursday, June 3, 2010

Top Ten Latino solutions to fix BP oil spill

TOP Ten Latino solutions to fix BP Oil Spill
By Al Carlos,

10.Billions of gallons of Windex.
9. 279 Miles of Duct tape.
8. Charge BP executives 4.57 a gallon, like they charged us.
7. Send the Governor of Arizona to sit on it.
6. Pay day laborers 20 dollars an hour under the table, be clean in a week.
5. Treat British Petroleum stock holders as criminal illegal aliens and deport them.
4. Aware that if the spill was going toward Mexico no one would care.
3. Stop paying the electric bill and they will turn off the pumps.
2. Send ELA body and fender men in submarines with bondo.
1. Change the name to the Gulf of Texaco, we have enough PR problems.

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