Monday, June 20, 2011

Interview with award-winning Latina Poet/Author Lisa Alvarado

CHICAGO, IllLisa Alvarado is an award winning journalist, author, and publisher, whose work has been internationally recognized.  Some of her work includes:  Raw Silk Suture, Sister Chicas, Derriva, Dark Water Speaking, and Housekeeper's Diary.  She is also an online publisher on La Bloga, and, which feature literary criticism, book reviews, interviews, and cultural commentary.  Ms. Alvarado’s awards include:  Hispanic Author of the Year, 2009 - State of Illinois, Mariposa International Award for Best First Novel in English (2nd Place), 2007 Latino Literacy Now, and is recipient of numerous nationally recognized scholarships and grants.

Publicist and journalist Nilki Benitez recently caught up to Ms. Alvarado and conducted the following audio interview:

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  1. What a wonderful article and amazing and powerful Woman!!! Thank you for posting this piece.