Monday, January 25, 2010

Latino Literature at its best

Championing the Diversity and Excellence of Latino Literature
Latino Book Tour

Every author knows there is more to selling books than appearing at a bookstore and signing books. In today's climate, exposure is important on a grand scale through the internet. Virtual book tours give you that exposure.

What you gain in a book tour is something that cannot be bought. Word of mouth publicity and name recognition are vital products to any author's marketing and promotional book campaigns.

Word of mouth is when all these visitors tell their friends that they spoke to the author and found them to be fun and pleasant. A fan is born.

Name recognition remains in the visitors mind, and when they enter a bookstore, they are immediately drawn to the author's book cover. A formented thought tells them that they know this author, somehow, not sure how or where, and they remember reading that the book was good.

To earn your sale, I can car-salesman promise you tons of books sold and flounting your reputation throughout cyberspace.

The reality is we are a group of Latino/a bloggers who value our writers. We want to offer them an opportunity to speak to our visitors in the hopes that everyone will like the Latino/a author and tell people about them. We advocate books, reading, and supporting our authors. If you have been in the book selling business for a while, you will know that this attitude is rare.

Latino/a Virtual Book Tours has the distinct advantage and pleasure of putting you in front of a Latino/a audience, an audience who is willing to be educated about the pleasures of reading your books and learning about how you write. One people you would never be able to reach in any with-walls bookstore.

Latino/a Virtual Book Tours offers you the audience reach that has economic strategists boasting of brand loyalty beyond any other group.

Others may boast bigger numbers. No one can "shout out" like Latino/as.

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