Monday, January 25, 2010

TOP ten things overheard at Sheriff Arpaio protest in Arizona

TOP Ten Things overheard at Sheriff Arpaio protest in Arizona
By Al Carlos Hernandez (Special to the Latino Journal E-News)

10.Why are the Aztecs dancers wearing watches, shouldn’t they have sun dials?

9. Undercover Cops were most likely Hispanic rather than Latino.

8. Sheriff Arpaio makes convicts wear pink underwear so he won’t feel left out.

7. The Children they pepper sprayed may grow up to be MALDEF attorneys.

6. Ten thousand marched, five people arrested, ironically Gringos.

5. As the protest marched, Jailers played Linda Ronstadt music to drown out protesters, they tried to play some Rage but this caused some of the horses and a few cops’ bladder control problems.

4. Female officer on a horse ran into the crowd, when the crowd commented that the horse was better looking.

3. One gay Arizona officer unwittingly sprayed the mostly Latino crowd with Aqua Net.

2. With a Black President, Brown people shouldn’t still have to march for freedom.

1. No, Zack de La Rocha was not tased; his hair is always like that.

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