Thursday, January 14, 2010

Top ten signs your Tia won't make it on American Idol

TOP Ten signs your Tia won’t make it on American Idol
By Al Carlos Hernandez (Special to the Latino Journal)

10. She wanted to do a tune by Maria Hairy.

9. She told Simon don’t give me no lip, cause you don’t have a top one.

8. Was too Panzonna to play her accordion.

7. Once she sang "Volver", she knew she wouldn’t.

6. Told Randy the only Dogg in here is your face, Stupit!

5. Tried to fix Kara up with her cousin Barnabell.

4. Fell off her Payless pumps during her pop lock dance interlude.

3. Brought Posh the spice girl a plate of food and some vitamins.

2. Called Seacrest, DeGeneres.

1. Refused to sing, didn’t trust anybody to hold her purse.

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