Thursday, September 2, 2010

Top Ten ways Latinos celebrate Labor Day

TOP Ten ways Latinos celebrate Labor Day
By Al Carlos,

10.Happy to have a meaningless no future minimum wage job because Mexico sucks.

9. Wonder how Jerry Lewis still finds Tres Flores for his hair.

8. Intentionally going into Labor to have an anchor baby.

7. Moms take a day off of work, so they can cook and clean up for 14 people.

6. Go to Indian Casinos and get scalped by slot machines.

5. Sitting in the park waiting for youuuuuu...

4. Raider Nation tailgaters practice slapping each other for no apparent reason.

3. Local politicians come by and ruin Union picnics on purpose.

2. Justice Department Sues Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, big pachanga...

1. Stealing dishwasher, gardener, busboy, nanny, street orange and paleta sales jobs from Americans.

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