Monday, October 18, 2010

Top Ten Reasons Latinos live longer than other Americans

TOP Ten reasons Latinos Live longer than other Americans
By Al Carlos,

10.We live longer but, we are sicker, we do this to irritate our Spouses.

9. We can't die, until we pay off credit cards by making the minimum payment.

8. We don't jump out of airplanes, windsurf, ski jump, or climb outside of buildings.

7. Our only use of a bungee cord is to hold stuff down in the pick up truck.

6. Because of surprise and random family visits we will never be bored to death.

5. Latino cuisine is the oldest in mankind, there would still be Aztecs, if Cortez didn't kill them.

4. We never abandon our elders to Old Folks homes, we honor them.

3. We never jog alone at night in the wilderness, thinking we have rights.

2. Latinos outlive whites by two-and-a-half years and blacks by more than seven years.

1. Out living them is one thing, out running them, is quite another thing.

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