Monday, November 22, 2010

Top Ten things a barrio turkey is thinking

TOP Ten things a Barrio Turkey is thinking
By Al Carlos

10.Sabes Que, I'll just front like I'm a Shicken...

9. Fool stupid enough to eat me will be hung over (Crudo) for a week.

8. Given my background, I'm qualified to run for local office.

7. The Latin Grammys were the bomb.

6. Mi Vieja is the Hen, I'm a Tomas, Y Que?

5. I wonder which end they light, when they smoke a turkey?

4. Yeah, I’m a Turkey, just like Tu Mama; Su bald headed Girlfriend and the Chancho that did your hair.

3. Hit me with that Pinata stick, and I’m going to bite your lip.

2. I heard Eva is single again, I'm going to Tweet the heck out of her now.

1. Actually, it was The Aztecs who domesticated The Turkey, and look what happened to them.

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