Friday, April 15, 2011

Top 10 Signs you should no longer be a parade Samba dancer...

As Samba dancing and competition greet the Spring...

By Al Carlos Hernandez,

Publisher's Note: Dr. Al Carlos Hernandez is a regular contributor to Vida de Oro and is Contributing Editor for Latino L.A.

10. During a parade, you shook your hips too hard and launched a Smart Car into a Starbucks.

9. Only way to slap your conga for six hours is to paint the face of ex lover on it.

8. You accidently stepped on a cat’s tail and killed it.

7. Your tall feathered headdress includes GPS.

6. Your bikini top broke loose and you knocked yourself out.

5. People applaud your huge papier-mâché comic head, but you're not wearing one.

4. You dressed up like Oakland Raider fan and scared the heck OUT of the Voodoo dudes.

3. Your dancing shoes broke; A float ran over your maracas.

2. You painted yourself red and accidentally samba your way into blue gang turf.

1. Every block, your hip gets stuck, and they have to taser you to keep going. 

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