Sunday, August 28, 2011

Interview with 'The Irish Soldiers of Mexico' author, Michael Hogan

Dr. Michael Hogan, Author/Poet

By Nilki Benitez, Contributing Writer

Michael Hogan was born in Newport, Rhode Island in 1943, but lives in Colonia Providencia, Guadalajara, Mexico, with his wife Lucinda Mayo.  He is the author of sixteen books, including a collection of short stories, six books of poetry, collected essays on teaching in Latin America, a novel, and a history of the Irish battalion in Mexico which formed the basis for "One Man's Hero," an MGM movie starring Tom Berenger.  His book, entitled "The Irish Soldiers of Mexico," has drawn critical acclaim among historians who point out this is the best and most accurate account of history during the Mexican war.  One reviewer stated: " is not only well-researched and well-documented but his is the only work which draws heavily on Mexican journals, manuscripts and archives."

Hogan's work has appeared in many journals such as the Paris Review, the Harvard Review, Z-Magazine, Political Affairs and the Monthly Review. He is a consultant to the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Overseas Schools in Latin America. As an author he has received wide recognition for his work, including a PEN Award, two Pushcart Prizes, an NEA fellowship, the Benjamin Franklin Award, the gold medal of the Mexican Geographical Society.

Recently, freelance journalist Nilki Benitez caught up to Hogan and conducted a powerful interview captured via podcast about his book "The Irish Soldiers of Mexico."  Here is that interview:


  1. Thanks for the great work. As a third generation US born person of Irish decent and with children with Irish Mexican parents, this is most poignant for us. I suspect that this bit of history would have died along with the many soldiers on both sides of the war. I can't feel deprived of a complete education knowing that POTUS doesn't know either. Miles Beacom of Tijuana, Mexico

  2. Michael,

    This was a fascinating interview. The 48 minutes just flew by. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, in so many areas, with readers. Also, thanks to Nilki Benitez for not tossing fluffy questions. Several of these broached controversial subjects--such as race and crossing sensitive cultural boundaries--but you handled them with aplomb.

    Looking forward to the rest of the tour,

    Silvio Sirias

  3. Thank you very much Miles and Silvio for taking the time to listen in and leave a comment. It's an honor for me to work with authors like Michael Hogan who are giving so much to so many by simply following their passion and putting in the time to find answers and sharing their discoveries through the written word.

  4. Miles: Thanks for your good comment. I think the educational aspect is so very important. I am so glad that you know the story and can pass it on to your children.
    Silvio: Thanks for coming down the trail with us. You are right, Nilki doesn't pull any punches.

  5. I just listened to the interview and would like to thank Ms. Benitez for opening up discussions of so many interesting issues and points. I especially enjoyed Michael's comments on his experiences while researching, writing, and publishing Irish Soldiers--a fascinating saga that continues to this day. I also enjoyed hearing the personal and family stories and how they helped to get Michael interested in this story and finally have become an integral part of it. Thanks again to Condor for sponsoring these events and helping to get the word out on Irish Soldiers and its important place in the history of the Mexican-American War.

  6. A moving interview, drenched in truth and passion. I am glad to have been privy to the rawness of Dr. Hogan's knowledge and his fervor for equality and accurate information.