Friday, January 23, 2009

Hispanic TV viewers watch American Idol, CSI, The Mentalist

Hispanic Viewers Again Crown 'American Idol' as Most-popular Show, Followed by 'CSI', 'The Mentalist'
Richard Jan. 22, 2009

Mightier than any broadcast of NFL playoffs, more powerful than any situation comedy, stronger than the nightly news, American Idol's Season Eight has started and immediately claimed the top ratings among all English-language shows watched by U.S. Hispanic viewers.

With its broadcast of the singing competition, Fox network seized the top two spots on the 10-most-watched programs for the week of January 12-18. American Idol's Wednesday telecast attracted 1.8 million Hispanic viewers and earned a 8.4 rating, while Tuesday garnered a 7.0 rating and 1.7 million fans, according to numbers released by the Nielsen Media Group.

The show's premiere featured the usual round of emotional drama queens, ingratiating ingenues, and embarrassingly inept wannabes, along with a few genuine talents. But probably the most-watched tryout was that of new fourth judge Kara DioGuardi. Most commentators pronounced her competent. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

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