Thursday, September 23, 2010

Top Ten Reasons why J Lo is good for American Idol

TOP Ten reasons it is good for J Lo to be on Idol
By Al Carlos,

10. We don't have to worry about her doing movies for a while.

9. Folks can be pitchy and she won't be able to tell.
8. She is just Jenny, who owns the block.
7. Only Latino who makes 12 million without playing for the Yankees.
6. Maybe the Vieja Malas on The View will get a clue and hire a Latina.
5. She makes Steven Tyler look less gayer than Ellen.
4. Able to teach Randy real Hip Hop terms other than Dogg.
3. Had to find a Diva bigger than Simon to keep the show going.
2. Ms. Lopez will finally be eligible for the prestigious Imagen Award.
1. She can say no to anyone from Arizona.

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