Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top Ten Barrio post holiday workouts

TOP Ten Barrio, post holiday workouts
By Al Carlos

10.Credit card juggling.

9. Chasing kids through malls wearing slippery church shoes.

8. Running along side of a city bus with fat lips caught in the door.

7. Shopping cart pushing, returning a big screen, through Wino obstacle course.

6. Forced In- Law eviction off of the sofa, wrestling.

5. Group House slipper aluminum can crushing.

4. Going back to the (dread-mill) work.

3. Getting ICE to chase "The Documented" down the block, while "The Undocumented" get away.

2. Deciding to lose 276 pounds by divorcing Husband/Wife.

1. By walking 5 miles a day, Republicans hope you could be in Canada or Mexico by April.

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