Thursday, January 27, 2011

TOP Ten Signs Your Prima will get cut from American Idol

TOP Ten Signs Your Prima will get cut from American Idol

By Al Carlos, Latino LA

10.She sang a "La Lupe" tune in English, with a Black-scent.

9. Told Steve Tyler, He is the Dude that looks like a lady.

8. Walked out with an accordion and they tackled her.

7. Once she sang "Volver", they knew she wouldn't.

6. Told Randy, "The only 'Dogg' in here is your wifey".

5. Told J Lo, her man looks like Skeletor.

4. Wore a Queincera dress and did Pit Bull freestyle.

3. Stopped in the middle of a tune to answer cell phone and fight with case worker. 

2. Called Ryan Seacrest "Ellen DeGeneres".

1. Refused to sing. Didn't trust anybody to hold her purse.

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