Thursday, May 19, 2011

TOP Ten things Arnold's Latina baby Mama may be thinking...

By Al Carlos

10. Now she knows how the State of California feels.

9. That’s what she got for being the only Latina that voted for him.

8. He said, I’ll be baaack!

7. He offered a Republican level severance package.

6. Convinced her that Austrians need anchor Babies too.

5. The ex-husband got suspicious when the kid threw a Harley Across the yard.

4. When he said he was Mr. Olympia, She thought he invented the beer.

3. He convinced her she was “The Last Action Hispanic”.

2. Not a Girlie man that’s for sure.

1. Since his Son is half Latino he will be qualified to be California Gubernator.

1 comment:

  1. How about: "Now I can have him since Maria told him "Hasta La Vista, Baby..."

    - La Chismosa