Friday, June 3, 2011

Top ten ways Tower of Power is getting ready for County Fair gigs

TOP Ten ways Tower of Power is getting ready for County Fair gigs
By Al Carlos

10.The pig races is not what you think, if you are from Oakland.

9. Eating fried baloney in order to develop a corn dog tolerance.

8. Pat Rains is text messaging bearded lady so there are no conflicting dates.

7. Work on super secret 5 Alarm Oakland Chili recipes, guaranteed to make you move a colon, to enter into competition.

6. Remember, Carnival rides are not Ex Girlfriends.

5. Sensitivity training for newer players who may fear Carney's.

4. New contracts without a “cash or cattle” provision as payment.

3. Remembering that 4 H doesn’t mean; Ho’s, Harleys, Harlots, and Herbs.

2. Remind Tom there is a $10,000 putting contest at the Alameda Fair.

1. Procuring Industrial strength bald head sun block lotion.

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