Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Top Ten reasons Lopez Tonight was cancelled

TOP Ten reasons Lopez Tonight has been cancelled
By Al Carlos
10. Conan had a back door deal for his company to produce the 12 midnight show should Lopez fail.
9. Eric Estrada is now the head of TBS.
8. Lopez was too Hispanically hip for the room.
7. Unlike Conan or Fallon, George’s audience had to get up early for Work the next morning.
6. “Run, Jump or Shuffle, it’s all the same when you do it for the man” -Tommy Smith 1968
5. George knew the minute they bumped him back to 12 it was a set up.
4. Too much Cochicnadas…
3. TBS realized that Conan indeed has a bigger head than George.
2. They are thinking about a late night caveman show to takes his place- Gacho…
1. Don't hate the player, hate the game.

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  1. hillarious. he was too harsh on women and blacks at times. though I wanted to support him, and did, it was a turn off on my end. it resulted in, rather than religiously following the show, turning it on every now and again. For example, it was sleezy that he brought out a dancing poll for eva longoria, a woman working on her masters, because she's attractive, and put her on the spot to work the poll for his ratings. Too sleezy.