Tuesday, May 21, 2013

TOP TEN indicators your dentist is a Vato Loco

By Dr. Al Carlos

10. For anesthesia, a Homeboy jumps out the closet, knocks you out while you are counting backwards.

9. Every time you tell him, "It hurts!", he slaps you in back of the head and calls you a punk.

8. He also does tattoos, piercings, and fade haircuts.

7. His chair is on hydraulics: it goes up, back, side to side..

6. When you ask him "Why a root canal?", he tells you he needs new 24 inch rims for his ranfla.

5. Everyone leaves with gold bicuspids, no matter what.

4. Primers your face, bondos your fillings.

3. While he's working on your mouth, he yells at you, "Stop smiling at me like you know me fool!".

2. He wears a XXX flannel shirt buttoned to the top over his surgical gown pajamas.

1. His receptionist does nails and is the gum-cracking champion of the world.

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